About us

Our Beginnings

Founded in 2020 in the heart of Peckham, London, IcedHQ is a top-notch store for top-quality urban jewellery. There appears to be an avoidable gap in the UK market between urban jewellery and professional customer experience. Many urban jewellery retailers undermine the essence of professionalism when dealing with clients. We are filling up this gap as IcedHQ will continue to bring its customers the freshest pieces while not compromising quality and shine. We will provide jewellery to fit any budget.


Our Belief

With our unrivalled collections, we are matching your mindset with the right aesthetic. In achieving life goals, it is essential to look and feel good; we are committed to helping you make this happen. Our collections are so outstanding that they allow you to exude enough confidence to tackle any situation. With our pieces, you can fit into any climate and fully maximise your 'Drip'.


Our Goal

Our focus is on bringing urban jewellery to the masses and making an indelible mark on the UK & international jewellery market. We are offering affordable pieces so that our customers can "drip without the big price tag."