Are the products of high quality?

IcedHQ sources all our goods from selected reliable suppliers and Direct from the factory. Our team ensures each item sent out goes through a process of quality control to confirm that the goods are genuinely flawless. For IcedHQ to achieve its goal of becoming a global brand, it is crucial that we ensure that each customer recommends us and returns to repurchase. Consequently, we can assure you that the quality of the items provided will be unparalleled. We get constant positive feedback from our clientele from our retail store and a high returning customer rate because we ensure that our jewellery products are of the highest quality.


While we ensure all goods are of the highest quality, kindly note that our products are delicate and should be handled and treated as such. We advise against the use of chlorine & hot water and contact with bleach and other chemicals/soaps/perfume, which will lead to corrosion of the pieces over time. 

Unless stated otherwise by the listing or any of our representatives, your jewellery should always be kept dry to ensure a long lifetime of the product. For jewellery not worn frequently, ensure you keep them stored in a suitable dust bag. When applying aftershave/perfumes and any strong chemical products or moisturisers, ensure you remove jewellery. We also suggest using correct jewellery boxes that have allocated sections for each piece to avoid pieces rubbing. Consider using fit-for-purpose storage boxes, which provides a tarnish-proof base material internally and safeguards your pieces. If the items are kept in stuffy or humid environments, use dehumidifying crystals within the storage internally. 


How long will it take to get my order?

Shipping times do vary. Within the UK, we send out the goods through a 1st class delivery system. We often advise 2-3 days from dispatch if in the UK or 5-15 days if outside the UK.

It is worth noting that custom-made chains will take considerably longer time, around 3-4 weeks plus delivery time from purchase because a great deal of craftsmanship and a considerable amount of time will go into each piece to ensure the desired quality is achieved.


I placed a bulk order for a number of items but have only gotten one item, and the others are not here yet. Is there any problem? Don't worry, as our shipment team dispatches some orders separately to ensure you receive your items as quickly as possible. Please be assured that if this is the case for your order, the additional items from the bulk order will arrive as soon as possible.


There seems to be a problem with my order; what should I do?

Kindly reach out to us. Our amicable customer support team works 7 days a week and strives to provide you with a speedy answer to your queries. Our customer support team also offers solutions for any issues experienced. We will ensure all issues are resolved quickly and efficiently through a simple email to: (IcedHQ@yahoo.com) or filling our contact form available on our 'Contact Us' page.

What is the Return and Exchange Policy?

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